Watching the Rep.

I’ve already talked about how different sites give people a chance to say what they really think about your restaurant.  When people have a bad experience such as bad food or bad service, there is a good chance they are sharing it with others via the internet.  It used to be that only two percent of those with a bad experience would either confront the establishment or talk to others about it.  Now, thanks to advanced technology and social networking sites, everyone is talking about everything, and you better believe that means you and your business.

The first step in managing your restaurants online reputation is to be consistently aware of what is being said about you.  One way to do this is to subscribe to an RSS Feed.  RSS is more commonly known as Really Simple Syndication.  It lets you pull content from different sites and have it all in one place.  So how does this help you?  You can find everything that is being said about your restaurant at one place.  Any time someone writes a bad or good review about your restaurant it will appear in what is called your reader.  I’ve found someone who can explain this far better than me.  So, below is a video that teaches you what an RSS feed is, as well as how to get one.

Okay, now that you know what people are saying about you, what actions should  you take?  I feel that the best way to handle your online reputation whether you own a restaurant or any other establishment, is to be honest.  If you are going to respond to a review or comment, honestly and sincerity will go a long way in undoing the damage.  While it is important to respond quickly in order to address the concerns of the consumers, responding quickly without proper consideration can be detrimental.  Rather, it would be best to consult others you work with or even friends and family before replying.  Having a couple other perspectives than your own will help you formulate a response that will satisfy both the complainant and others reading the complaint.

Some companies feel it would be best not to respond to what others are saying.  I think that is a bad idea! Customers want to know that their thoughts and opinions matter and are being heard.  The way to success is relationship management.  Talk to the consumer and put their concerns at ease!  Don’t give them the silent treatment…



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